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>> Thursday, January 4, 2007

It has come to my attention that many people are wittier than i.

It does not come as a shock mind you, but more like that nagging feeling you get when you kind of have to pee, and you don't want to go to the bathroom to yank down ye olde jeans and trickle for 2 seconds only to mutter-grumble to yourself about how you knew you didn't really have to go but your body was giving 'the signal' and you "thought it might be different (for f*cks sake) THIS time around".

Ok, well maybe it's not that particular feeling, but it's along the lines of wanting to sketch a badass mech image you've got in your head and all your hands produce is a blob of grayscale cat vomit.

Sigh, so be more wittier Toast! No, not Whittier, just the plain old non-hydrogenated wittier.

On another note, i am going to go f*cking bonkers-like-beans if i don't get to little tokyo and hunt down a bento box soon. Luckily i shmoozed my loving boyfriend into hauling my ass the 20 min it takes to get there in order for me to ooh and ahh over useless japanese crap while he stands around wondering when we're going to get to the arcade so he can play "Typing of the Dead"! But seriously though, i love that game.

~The Toast

toast count: 1 spelt w/ havarti, 2 multi w/ marg


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