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>> Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The thought had crossed my mind to back-date this entry for January 1st, 2007 to be all cool like "Oh, i update so often, i got online first thing new years day just so i could post to all of you!" but it would come off much more as: "I am so f*cked up from the night before i thought my blog was a trashcan and word-vomited all over it."

Although, i wasn't sick on New Year's, in fact, i was one of the soberest there, second only to the actual DD Nicopolitan (thanks for driving!). The underwear party at Carol's went off without a hitch, that's keeping in mind the enormous amounts of booze that were there. It was awesome. The lovely Erin and Lucas realized they were on the wrong coast and were forced to drive to LA before their souls were lost forever. Don't worry, they've officially been saved through the use of substances and funny college stories.

Hmm, just realized that i can't back date entries so the whole joke in my first paragraph is for naught. Bravo to those who figured it out before me... *shakes fist* you bastards.

~The Toast

toast count: 2, with havarti (i'm a baaaaad vegan wannabe)


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