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>> Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's never a good idea to spend your money before you buy it, but there are a few things i really need want, and a big chunk of security-deposit-refund change is coming my way.

#1) I want a road bike, like the kind with skeeeeeeny tires. I love my mountain bike, but it's all kinds of wrong for riding the mostly-flat roadways of Pasadena to/from work. Luckily craigslist is a great/cheap resource for buying other people's used junk.

#2) I would like a new one of these, since my old one just decided to crap out and i need to use it for blogging, family emails, and embarassing moments of/with my friends.

#3) I really want this because i consume so much of it already, it'd be nice to save money and reduce container waste. Plus, it's cool, and it's an appliance, and we all know how much The Toast LOVES appliances!

#4) And i want a flat/rectangle purple bolster and 4" some foam blocks from here, but i can deal with household props for now, like, the cat.

#5) That blue wooden-lidded salt box from whole foods. This guy knows what i'm talking about...

Looks like the DS Lite is on hold, (unless Mark wants to give me his one?), as it's not as "important" as the other things are. I also have a bento desired list that is ever growing, but i already know it will never be fulfilled, as there isn't enough cabinet space in the world for all the cutesy-wootsey trinked associated with a bento life. And naturally all these things are trumped by paying previous debts and buying groceries, mmmmmm, groceries. I also gotta save some of it for a trip to hawai'i this summer, since i don't get paid vacations (why oh why did i leave my multi-figure, benefitted job again?). It's always good to have a wishlist though, makes one feel alive.


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