9 weeks!

>> Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Of running that is! I started Couch to 5k, in prep for the Pasadena Triathlon I'm trying for. When I get new batteries in mah camera I'll be able to post all the yummy eats I'll be whipping up this week.

I started the day off with some TJ's blueberry oatmeal microwaved with some Silk Vanilla Creamer for thickener and some coffee. Lunch was some TJ's Soy Nuggets with tonkotsu sauce for dipping and a mound of fresh spinach with balsamic. I snacked on some dark chocolate covered pretzels this afternoon while picking out new herbs for my potted garden. I love working almost right across the street from an Armstrong Garden Center, there's no better way to spend your work breaks than strolling through luscious plants.

After a nice run, I decided to roast some of the shallots cippolini onions since the package suggested it. I drizzled them with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh pepper and roasted them at 450 for about 15 mins before I saw that they were starting to barely burn. So, I flipped them over and turned the oven off.

WOW! They are honey sweet with the slightest peppery bite at the back of your throat for good measure. I'm thinking some couscous with this maybe?

Leftover green bean casserole for dinner from Thanksgiving (yes, it was still good!). Thanks to C'est la Vegan for her amazing recipe. Campbells be damned!!!

Now finishing up folding laundry, a nice glass of peppermint tea, and a hot shower. I'll be up late tonight and will suffer for it in the morning, but it was worth it starting my running regime and getting all the dishes done... Thank Buddah I have some Silk vanilla creamer for coffee at work tomorrow!


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