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>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Where the hell have I been right???

Well, here's what I've been working on:
-New recipes
-Lots of reading
-Designing an entire fashion line and sewing it
-Working full-time
-Looking for a new apartment
-Trying to save money
-Getting over being sick
-Fitting in time for the BF

And the big ass thing taking up my time: P90X.

Yeah, that's right P90X. It's insane. Insanely wonderful.
I love having a solid and regimed fitness plan. I do really well with rules I guess, I always thought I might do well in the military for that same reason.

I've also come across some crazy diets recently that I (and my Doc) have given big honkin' thumbs down to. The largest being the HCG diet. So glad they changed it from a daily injection to drops under the tongue, but I'll pass on the pregnancy hormones this time, thanks.

Hey, if it works for you it works for you I guess. Now, I have my own HUGE doubts about homeopathy, but many of my coworkers are on this diet and are not aware of what exactly their taking. Yeah, losing a pound a day seems great, but that doesn't sound healthy does it?

Not to mention that I don't mess with hormones. I don't eat meat or dairy, I don't eat soy very often at all, heck, I don't even take birth control pills! And because of that, and the fact it might make me MORE fertile, I'm a no-go for HCG.

I also have been looking into the Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet, but got turned off by all the meat I apparently need to eat as an 0-. Combine that with no oranges or coconuts and my BS light starts blaring. Research indicates that this may be fluff as well, and I definitely never start anything without researching it thoroughly first.

So for now, with the advice of my doc, I'm going to limit my wheat consumption, nix the coffee, reduce my sugar intake and see how I feel. After a week, I gotta say that those things are definitely clogging my body up. It actually hasn't been that hard to give up my toast in the morning, and there are so many gluten-free breads now I think I'll be just fine.

And the P90X is just to kick up my workouts. I love running/yoga/hula, but it's been raining and cold, and sometimes you just want to buckle down and do 50 pushups in a row and lift some weights ya know? Am I a pro @ it? Not by any means, but with the few changes I've made in the past coupla weeks, I feel even that much better!


Gryphon Osiris June 26, 2010 at 10:18 PM  

Should get you into fencing too girl, the initial equipment costs makes my waller scream, but being able to pop someone with a sword and not go to jail for it is SOOOO worth it.

giterdonedave May 30, 2011 at 12:31 AM  

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