>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ugh, why do I do that? Why do I always do that!? Why do I somehow get involved in other people’s drama? Even with the best of intentions, and sometimes with no intentions at all, I get wrapped up in things anyway.

Now I’m rather adamant about keeping my work life separate from my blog. I may complain here and there, but in general I think it’s better not to say where I work or what I do. That is, unless I get a job at an awesome place like, I don’t know, like NuVal, Open Sky, or a publishing company where I can be more open about my day-to-day. If you must know anything at all, know that I work with kids, teens, adults, and seniors. Sound too general? Well, it is, but it’s also true!

That being said, I don’t want to restrict talking about certain things that do go on in the workplace. I’m speaking more towards co-worker relations, or even to a broader extent, the general nature with which people interact. We spend so much time together, there’s bound to be some wacky antics going on!

I (for the most part) like my job. I like my coworkers, I like my boss, I like her boss, I like the highest up boss, and mostly I like our purpose, intent, and practices. I’m lucky, I know. Many people out there aren’t so lucky, I wasn’t in the past

However, I’ve gone and done it again… got involved where I perhaps shouldn’t have. I am guilty of a large workplace faux pas: becoming personal friends with your boss. Thing is, I swear it doesn’t affect our work relationship! I am also friends with another coworker, and they don’t necessarily care for each other much. How does that happen? Well, they both fulfill different desires I want out of friends and are wonderful in their own way. Since I wouldn’t be friends with someone unkind, in that respect they are very similar.

To often though, I’m finding myself involved in a deadly game of he-said-she-said, but in this case it’s more like she-said-she-said. All I know is that hearsay doesn’t hold up well and tends to just exacerbate negative emotions.

It leaves me to wonder though, workplace frienships: fun or folly?


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