>> Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holy mother of the risen Christ.

I just answered the most condescending phone call ever. This woman called up, asked me if this is the "Discovery Shop Headquarters" (Yes it sure is, is there something i can help you with?),

if we are the one who handles all the Discovery Shops (i said no, only the ones here in california),

my name (Michelle),

so we're a thrift shop (No, we like to think of ourselves more as a "unique resale experience", with higher quality items than you would find in a thirft shop),

she then accosted me saying "You take donations and resell them, that is a thrift store sweetheart." (Okay, is there something i can help you with?)

"Now tell me, what's your name again?"(Michelle)

"Michelle, is there a supervisor there right now?" (Are you looking for a Discovery Shop Supervisor or an American Cancer Society Administrator?)

"Don't keep saying things to me, you listen. I want to know if there is a supervisor there right now, and you'd better not lie to me missy." (Yes there is someone here right-)

"What is her name?" (Lisa Tempel)

"Is she actually there, or are you lying to me, are you just going to put me through to her stinking voicemail."(Actually ma'am our voicemail processor is down, but i know for a fact that she's sitting at her dest right now and i will get her for you.)

"I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOUR VOICEMAIL IS DOWN, YOU PUT HER ON! You are going to let me talk to her, and you're NOT going to put me on hold you TWIT!" (Ma'am, there's no reason for that language, i will not tolerate it, if you do not calm down and speak to me in a resonable fashion i am going to hang up this phone.)

"JUST FUCKING PUT HER ON!!!" (Please calm down, i'll not put you on hold, i will get up from my desk and tell her myself.)

--string of 4 letter words and muttering-- And then Lisa picked it up.

OMFG, i started to get teary not because i was hurt, but because i was so mad i couldn't bash her freaking head in at that moment. Ugh!!! I was shaking cause i was so wanting to hurt her, and poor Lisa is such a nice person, i didn't want her to take it.


[Follow up: Lisa never did figure out what the lady was in a tiff about. She said she was nasty and called her names too, wouldn't let her get a word in (I'll be happy to help-)"Well if you would just SHUT UP i'll tell you what's goddam wrong!". Apparently the lady said a volunteer was a liar, never said who or at what store, then was going to tell Lisa the name of the person and their phone # and then swore at her and hung up.]

F*cking hell people! GROW UP!


Anonymous,  January 2, 2007 at 11:47 AM  

I've actually heard a segment on the radio about how these people who call in complaints suffer from an anger management disorder, and in turn take everyone else down with them. This same lady has probably already cut you off on the freeway. Even if you're not in a car.

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