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>> Monday, December 11, 2006

And we all know how much God hates that...

First order of business, who in the buttf*ck of hell thought that liquid zinc and freeze dried lemon concentrate would be the greatest cold fighter in the world? If i wanted to drink something that looked like anti-freeze and tasted like tin foil, i would go to Denny's.

It's almost sad, wait, no, it IS sad how far into Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (the live action, yes, LIVE ACTION, sailor moon) I am. I'm only on episode 6 but i already have starry eyed visions of over-gesticulating whilst talking to purple stuffed cats. On an even sadder note, the drool bucket i had reserved for scenes of Tuxedo Kamen hasn't arrived yet so poor pippin and i have loaded all our earthy possessions into a dinky row boat in preparation of future episodes. On a side not, i am so not into those Asians, but he is de-licious!

On a better but dorkier side, our new DND campaign is going swimmingly. Actually, there's been no real "swimming" involved per se, but we were trudging in the swamp for a number of days on the what-a-f*cking-chance-in-hell-we'll-find-the-caves-and-make-it-out-of-here-alive hope. I present to you Exhibit A- One girl, desperately trying to escape the blindly-continued fear-induced regurgitated life-denying traditions of the corporate world, suddenly dumped into the rough-and-tumble compact body of a fighter gnome who's specialty is punching guys she likes in the face and is VERY touchy about her height, that you very much... Now you tell me that doesn't sound like a 15-year-old-targeted series of books!? I could make millions...

In my true fashion, i've begun to take notes, ahem COPIOUS notes (i'm talking verbatim required here) and turn it into short story form. It takes way too long, i'm never happy with how i describe certain scenes, and i can't decide on the tense of the speech, but i am now obsessed with writing my stories. So obsessed in fact, i've slighted my poor boyfriend, sleeping next to me, to ride the sugar wave all the way till 2 am (and still only get to the FIRST day we're in the swamp). I've already planned out hours and hours to be dedicated to this project. Especially since we are playing every sunday (warren, best DM ever!!!) and for 4+ hours each time. Sigh, so much story, so many lines, so many zombies, and so little time with which to document it. Do i hear the sweet siren song of caffeine calling my name?

Nay, work is slow goings today and i have a BUTTLOAD to do. I'm compromising though, i'm working through lunch but watching PGSM off youtube while doing it. After karate, Lappy, you are so mine and we will get to the part where i get laid again. I think Scarlett gets laid again. Sigh. Little boy blue has a stomach ache so i need to go bug him through Meebo.


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