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>> Monday, January 8, 2007

Like a motherf*cker.

I rarely need my anti-deps but i need some today! And just my luck, i am all out at work. This does not bode well for our heroine.

Feeling crappy, kind of sick, wishing i didn't have quite so much plum wine and spicy noodles last night. Wishing even more that i didn't buy pickled ginger with msg in it yesterday. And yet still wishing that i knew where my phone wa- Holy World of Warcraft!, i know my blog is going downhill when i start bitchin' about msg and the loss of my cellphone.

I will not be a crappy blog, i will not i will not i will not!

Enjoy these crumbs while i gain my literary powers back!

!!Warning!! Shameless plug to follow!!!:
Evan's dad is a really awesome photographer, check out his webpage and look for is pictures fron Kenya. The fam just got back before the holidays and his shots are amazing, some even look like they're out of National Geographic! I never knew jackals were so cute...

An IM with Evan earlier today:
yeaaahtoast: so are you willing to take my to Little Tokyo after work?
snrincognito: yea i can take you tonight
snrincognito: ill get you from work and then we can go over
snrincognito: unless you wanna go home first and we go later
snrincognito: which im even more up for
snrincognito: but i imagine you'd rather not ride the bus
yeaaahtoast: well, honestly, japanese things close early and i want to get there asap, my phone is my ONLY communication, and i do not want to spend the night at my house hear the noises or get into trouble and have no way of calling for helop
yeaaahtoast: yes Helop, the god of help for pussy girls
yeaaahtoast: who are scared of the dark

toast count: 2 rye


Anonymous,  January 9, 2007 at 9:38 AM  

Praise Helop, sing it on the mountain top.

SnrIncognito January 12, 2007 at 8:17 AM  

all hail Helop and her menacing teddy bear and brilliant flash light!

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