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>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I got a new job! I am now working at the Yoga House as a receptionist. This place is crazy chill! You walk in and there's a faint smell of incense in the air, hardwood floors, soft music and lantern light, reaaaaaaly awesome.

There's free tea (in sake cups) and bowls of apples, yogi everything, and your first class is free! The teachers are all really nice and as an employee i get yoga classes for free as well, as many as i want!!!

I also saw Children of Men recently. I wouldn't say i loved it, but it was pretty good. Neat idea, wished they had gotten into the scientific aspect of women not being able to reproduce, but they just left it as "scientists can't figure out why...". But it was easier to accept that way and just pay attention to the rest of the story.

Good cinematography, i have been in love with Clive Owen since i saw him in Sin City. Deeeee-licious. That man looks so good covered in dirt and blood. MmmMMMMM! Great acting, but i'm sad that a few people died that i didn't want to die. So overall : B/B+...

In other news, there's a kid who's been trying to cross the street in front of m80 who's been standing for about 10 minutes waiting for traffic to subside, instead of using the light crosswalk about 20 feet away. RTard.


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