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>> Wednesday, February 7, 2007

And not happy about it.

While this time off has done wonders for my cooking (i made 5 dozen gyoza the other day!), it has been brutal on my bank account (which i am trying to keep up for the anticipated move). Luckily i had a small buffer, since i kinda foresaw leaving ACS (though not so abruptly), but i cannot allow myself to rely on that alone.

Plus, i like working... for the most part. And after applying to every single friggin' job i could possibly qualify for (with minimal embellishment on my part), i've realized that an office is really the way to go.

Funny that. I've been dreading the "office life" for my whole existence, as most people are wont to do. TV has taught us that offices are either a)scary, mundane places which ever so slowly suck the dwindling life out of your minds, silently kicking and screaming the whole way, or b)a sex driven water-cooler gossip-fest and have you SEEN cheryl in accounting lately? She has gotten F-A-T!

But in actuality, i enjoy the stability of it all. Sure, that's what i say now, then when i have it i am pissed that said stability takes up too much time and i need more spontaneous free time. There is just no pleasing me i swear!

So i am temping for Nico's work right now, regular receptionist had jury duty, so it's pretty typical: answer phones, make nice nice, take messages, endlessly surf the net... All i have to say is Money In The Bank. Word.

So i posted an ad on craigslist, check it out.
No bites yet, but since it's FREE i hope to get something!

~The Toast


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