It's finally here!!!

>> Tuesday, March 6, 2007

No, not the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale you doops, the "big move"!

Omg, i honestly can't believe it's really here. We've been talking about moving in for so long, agonized, fought, shed tears, laughed, planned, sighed, squealed, and now that it's here... i have to admit i'm a smidge terrified.

The fact of the matter is, i'm afraid it won't work out (we all know how well it went the last time i moved in with a boy, i know that was a totally different situation, still...). But honestly, that seems to be a constant fear in all relationships doesn't it? You find someone you truly love and somewhere in the back of your brain sits a great big 'what if it doesn't work out' goblin lightly jabbing you with a fondue fork. Yeah ok, sometimes he jabs harder than other times, sometimes he sleeps for a few hours, sometimes you take the meds your doctors prescribe and he turns into a pink butterfly bunny with cherry cream ears and a jelly bean nose...doesn't make him less real.

However large/small/real/unreal/tanigble/intangible said fear/goblin is/isn't, fearing that it might not work out isn't a good enough reason NOT to try, so i'm gonna, and there's nothing you girls can do about it! Although, encouragement is always nice. And maybe a plant. Something cat friendly.


Anonymous,  March 7, 2007 at 9:38 AM  

We need to get Pippin more of those large feathers, because those are great.

Do I smell housewarming gift?

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