Peer Pressure, a Vicious Cycle

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Don't let peer pressure bother you." "Peer pressure is not real, only you can make up your mind."
BULLSHIT! Peer pressure works! And i now have THIS to show for it!
Thanks goes to Fred and Warren for waving theirs under my noses, now i have that new DS smell....And it smells goooooood.
What would any new game system be without, well, games? So i got these to break in the new boyfriend replacer:

And i let the sales guy peer pressured me into getting this:

because i truly believe it is the best usage of the DS format to date.
Overall, i've been horribly HORRIBLY taken advantage of by my friends, brainwashed into shelling out triple-digit amounts of money, and cannot be held responsible for my actions. However, it seems i have accidentally, ahem, lost my reciept (already) and we all know there are no refunds w/o receipts soooooooo, i am doomed to wallow in misery, knowing that for the rest of my life, my friends will pressure me into purchasing useless crap (i smell a wii and a ps3!) and i am powerless to stop it.


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