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>> Friday, April 6, 2007

My blogs i mean. And in fact, i've got a NEW one, and it's totally VEGAN (please check it out and add it to your links list! I know i know, how many blogs do you need Toast? I NEED THEM ALL!!!! MUAHAHAHA-ahk-ackhuh-bleh-kkahgh *cough* *sputter* *gasp*

Anyways, the spur of the moment trip to whole foods last night was successful for my newly formed veganism. Got some vegan sour cream and cheese, i cannot wait to get home and make me a grilled cheez sammich on my lovely daaaark bread. God, Rice Slices from Galaxy Foods melts and tastes like real friggin cheese!!! So nummy... and i scored some vanilla sugar.

I am dying for a nap, DYING for a nap, but i have 2 desserts to make for tonight, hummus, Passions to watch, the bedroom to tidy up, bathroom to clean, and i'm going to try and squeeze in some STRESSSSSSS about the house warming party tonight. I always manage to get some in there... i care far too much about being agood hostess!

I don't get sunday off for work. Sigh. I need to phase them out, working 6 days a week is extremely tiring, especially when 4 of the six days start at 6:15am. Sigh. Gotta snarf some ramen, forgot to bring a snack!


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