It's 7:32 am...

>> Wednesday, May 2, 2007

and i just had a bowl of vegan chili with beans. I swear i'm white trash sometimes.

I had one of those dreams last night, you know, the type where it's the same dream 3 times, each from a different perspective.

I was on America's Next Top Purger, oh, i mean "Model", and all the girls and i went out for chinese in Chinatown. It was late and we barely found a place open, when i realized that i had nothing nice to wear to the judging panel the next day. Leaving the girls to get the food, I ran off to find a clothing store, which incicentally was robbed when i was in the dressing room.

Each of the outcomes was different in the 3 versions, meaning i guess that in the first two i got shot, but the last one i hid and was fine. It was almost surreal because that version was F/P as opposed to 3rd P like the other two. I remember scrunching the dress up to my neck as i hid, the way it scratched against my throat as i struggled to breathe slowly, and the heat from the body of a robber as he stood close by. All 3 took place in about 15 minutes, freaky eh?

The weirdest feeling though... the second time, when i got caught, the robber did that weird siren thing in God of War, and i my head got all ripply and shakey and i couldn't hear straight or see straight. I'm sure Evan will give anyone a demo if they haven't seen it.

In other news, i caressed a roma tomato this morning, it was awesome, and i took a loverly spill on the bike last night. I sprained my left ankle and got some nasty road rash on my left leg and left elbow. I might as well scrape my left cheek on some gravel to make the look, and feelings, complete. Wanted to go to karate, but i guess this'll force me to take it easy. Luckily, i have an amazing boyfriend who driveth me to work today. Supposed to go volunteer at the ranch friday, we'll see how that goes...


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