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>> Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It looks like a massive case of fatigue has taken over the ooman named Mahea. It's a falling over at work, wishing it was thursday cause that's the day the bosses don't come in, too much allergy pill kind of tired. We are being assured that it is unrrelated to the late night excursion to go investigate and photograph the Griffith Park fire. We are being told that Mahea, and fellow NEEEEERD! boyfriend Evan Stiles, were amongst the many amateur photographers out last night, joined by numerous onlookers who were lame and ate pizza out of their cars. It is unclear at this time if Mahea and Evan were able to adequately mock those quote LAME people. And Mike has some new news in health, Mike?

That's right Brian, it seems that the allergic reaction (i.e. hand sized welts on Mahea's legs) seems to be going down as the rate of calamine lotion application goes up. We can see here that this area's redness and swelling has calmed down significantly and it is notably less itchy. The swelling here around the knee looks to be controlled by medication and icing, though we are not being told the brands of medication at this time. We do realize that although the situation if finally starting to look up, Mahea is prepared to whine well into the next week. Back to you Brian...

Thanks Mike, that was riveting. Up next, chocolate, cat naps, and what's REALLY in Mahea's secret hummus recipe, could it be puppies? All that and more, after the break. *shuffles papers*


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