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>> Friday, December 28, 2007

WTF Toast!?

Yeah well, i was going to write this long post about how i haven't been writing and here's an update on my life, blah blah blah wasting net space good thing it's totally free and doesn't even (really) exist...

But all you need to know is that i'm sick. No, not projectile vomiting "you're not eating that ever again" sick, i mean my body is saying adios and it's breaking up with me. Apparently someone cheated on someone else and ended up getting preggers with virus DNA and then exploding in my bloodstream, raising my temperature above "mahea can function" level to the level where i start drooling on myself while i'm trying to drive home after being kicked out of work because i turned the building into a volcano with the molten lava snot streaming from my nose and perspiration scattering off my shivering body.

Believe me, if i wasn't so unbeliveably/home from work/"please hold my hand"/"i want my mommy" sick, i'd leave some amazingly witty message.

For now though, MAHEA HATES ALL.

(and please make it better!?kthx*COUGH*)


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