>> Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a weekend. That's all i gotta say.

You know, i've been having the strangest dreams... if they're not about zombies (typical Mahea nightmare) then they're about Alton Brown. Yes, don't laugh, it's not funny, it's serious business.

That man is truly a gem, and totally my type (aside from the "married with kid" part of the equation). I've also made his southern biscuits recipe about ONE THOUSAND times this weekend in an effort to channel him into existence in my (Nico's) kitchen. I can't get them to rise quite enough, maybe my baking soda has gone flat, or too much dough handling???

Sometimes, when i hear the clang of my brand new stainless steel measuring cups and the light hits the glass jar of (vegan) buttermilk, i can almost hear the famous 10-note Good Eats theme and hear Alton's sweet siren song asking me to pass him the french whisk (for the saucier of course!).

Next i'm going to try to make his loverly squash and potato dumplings. That is... when i finish cleaning the kitchen, have the time, etc etc. (They look sooooooooo gooooooood!!!)

Evan's parents get to meet him. The jealousy, it overcomes me. One day it'll boil over into a huge pile of gumbo, perfectly seasoned, and definitely (dare i say it?) Good Eats.


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