>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, the strangest thing happened to me today. This morning actually.

We live by a traffic light and sometimes traffic backs up there so when i pull out of the apt driveway and nice people usually let me in cause they're waiting for the light anyway.

This particular morning, a nice woman (let's call her Jean) in an SUV let me go in front of her while the light was still red. As i pull out, i notice something isn't quite right: The car in front of her, driven by an extremely old lady, was in the middle of the two lane road, blocking traffic.

The light turned green and i got behind said old woman (let's call her Crazy Mae Mae) and started on my merry way to work.

Well, Crazy Mae Mae decided that the gas pedal was over-rated and proceeded to coast through the intersection of the (very short) green light. I could see her talking, gesticulating to her even-older hubby (let's call him Bobby Roxorz) and i didn't get too annoyed cause i was getting ready to turn right and leave her domain.

Meanwhile Jean is primping her hair in the SUV behind me, generally looking flustered like she was a little late for work (i was too at that point). Coming up to the next light, Crazy Mae Mae slows WAAAAAAAaaaaaaaay down, and leaves 2 car lengths in front of her and blocks me next to a parked car so i couldn't turn right.

Crazy Mae Mae then proceeds to give me the double middle finger, shoving it over and over at her rear view mirror and screaming something. Needless to say Bobby Roxorz looked very meek and disturbed by it all. I actually look to my left and right in disbelief 'truly you don't mean me my good madam'. Then i did something shocking. To show my ignorance and confusion, i shrugged at her through my windshield.

Now Crazy Mae Mae, well that got her going and she went off at me, hands and obscenities flying.

So she repeated the actions over and over through the red light, Crazy Mae Mae was on a roll. But all weird things come to and end and at the green she was forced to go forward by the honking coming from behind me.

I suppose I'll never really know what pissed her off so bad, as all i did was pull out of my driveway BEHIND her and drive normally. I think the woman who let me in must have been trailing her all down the road to go faster and got pissed. Either way, even through her cataracts, she should be able to tell the difference between a black SUV and a small while Mazda.

All in all though, i feel bad for Bobby Roxorz. He seemed like a nice man.


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