>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I usually don't take medication when i have a headache or tummy ache, sore muscles etc. But at lunch i went home and my shoulder started hurting to the extent that i laid down on my bed and whimpered for half an hour, all the while pleading "please please make it stop!" (Yes, i can be SO pathetic at times.)

After slathering on 1/4 jar of tiger balm and not receiving relief, i took a big honking ibuprofen that was prescribed to me earlier in the year when i was extremely sick.

Now i'm back at work, pain free, but soooo loopy and rather sick to my stomach from all the meds in my system.

Thank god i'm only writing postcards at the moment, because every time i stand up i almost fall over! Throwing up is probably not in the forcast, but i might consider it if my stomach continues tripping balls while the rest of me sits in a corner being emo.


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