Fantastical Dinner! (and dessert)

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ok so, I love Real Food Daily with all my heart! It was my fondest wish for my friends to join me there for my birthday dinner.

The first time I went to RFD was on a drive-by whim with Evan. The table over, I saw a girl eating a wrap and instead of a tortilla or flatbread, there was a collard green leaf keeping all of her numblies in. The seed of collard wraps was planted in my brain.

I was perusing YouTube when I got the craving... that's right, for raw vegan flourless chocolate caek. But, I knew I didn't have very many walnuts and I realized that I only had TWO mejool dates left. So I had to improvise and make a smaller caek. Here's what I ended up with:


Dusted with powdered sugar, it was just enough to satisfy the craving. After eating my dessert first, I then went on to dinner and whipped up some mexican rice. But wait, WOAH, hold on. What if, WHAT IF, I take that rice and wrap it in a collard leaf? Maybe I de-veined the leaf first with a paring knife? And maybe, just maybe, what would happen if I added some leftover herbed cream cheese and sliced green onions???


Then what would happen if I rolled it???

collard wrap in hand

Then WTF would happen if I took a bite!? Just one amazing bite....


The rest was history. Crunchy, warm, spiced, slightly bitter, creamy, delicious.... From now on I WILL wrap everything and anything in a collard green leaf.

Oh yeah here's the recipe for the Raw Vegan Flourless Chocolate Caek:

2 mejool dates, pitted
small handful of walnuts
extra small pinch of sea salt
smallest splash of vanilla extract
1 tbsp cocoa powder

1) Pulse the crap outta everything in a small food processor, or *ahem* Magic Bullet, till smooth and dreamy. Push together in somewhat of a caek-y shape. CONSUME!!!


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