>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've been having an irritating day. I only have a handful of readers, so hopefully this rant won't disturb a large # of people.

I went to bed on-time last night, but for some reason couldn't pull myself out of my warm covers-cave this morning. When I finally fell out of bed, I was SO TIRED and cranky.

The kitchen was a total mess when I awoke. I shirked my nightly duty of dishes and breakfast prep, so I had to rush through a dirty kitchen and sadly opened the fridge to confirm that I had no breakfast. Super angry face.

Got to work just fine, but sans make-up and flat-ironed hair, and drowned some of my sorrows in a large cup of coffee. I didn't really miss eating breakfast when I thought about how much my teeth are ACHING. Yes, I've started wearing my retainer again. A week ago I noticed one of my problem teeth shifting a bit, which of course causes all others in that row to move too. OUCHIES. Worst part is that it's right at the front of my mouth, so even when I'm not wearing my retainer I can't bite anything solid.

So with my retainer in I suffer from a lisp and aching, but my retainer out results in a hard time biting/chewing and more aching. Yay for teeth! Now that I have dental insurance, I figure it's a good thing to get my teeth all aligned so my checkup goes smoothly. (I'm only 26, but going to the dentist alone seems so ADULT to me, it's kind of fun!)

I can certainly be thankful that it happens to be a gorgeous day in Southern California. After last week's storms, we had a lone day of sun till another front rolled through. However, it's supposed to stay sunny till the weekend and right now there's a big blue sky out there with large fluffy clouds rolling in.

Though my lunch plans got messed up and I burned my mouth on pizza I shouldn't have been eating in the first place, I decided to do something good for myself. So I ditched the car @ home and rode my bike back to work. It's just a few short miles and I really should be biking to and from work every day since I live ridiculously close. Can't really argue with reserving fossil fuels, saving miles on my car, and getting in some training for the triathlon. It barely took me 20 mins, and I was able to enjoy the sunlight for a while. I look forward to a slightly harder trip home, what with the incline + fatigue, but a nice cool sunset temp to ride in.

I was also dismayed by how far behind I am on my Google Reader. I follow so many wonderful blogs, and since I tend to go unplugged on the weekends, I get rather behind come mon and tues. Looking forward to yoga tonight, but I'm hoping that I can leave all my frustration at the door when I enter or I'm in for a difficult practice.

While catching up on back posts, I saw this quote from Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga about a wonderful yoga sesh she had recently. It was one of the messages her Dharma had during the class:

"Find bliss and happiness from inside and within, especially when you are young, because nothing external will ever fulfill you and this only intensifies as we age."
*sigh* That tends to put a lot of things into perspective doesn't it? Money, numblies, fluffy sheets, kitties, music... none of these things can ever make you truly whole unless you already can find and recognize happiness within yourself. It is awfully hard to keep that in mind every day isn't it? Thanks for reminding me Averie, I really needed that today.

Of course a medium iced mocha with soy doesn't hurt either. Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day!

If you want to check out Averie's post: here you go. Her yoga poses, recipes, and quick wit make this a great blog to follow!


Anonymous,  January 28, 2010 at 10:53 AM  

Happiness is often a choice. Realizing this makes someone a couple of steps ahead of the game, so it's good that you're aware that irritating days can be softened by breathing and concentrating.

What's the saying? It's darkest before dawn? Something about weathering the storm because there is sunshine ahead? The recent weather might be a little bit of allegory!

Anonymous,  January 28, 2010 at 6:31 PM  

bah! i hate days like that. a little yoga does a lot. hopefully today was better.

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