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>> Monday, August 2, 2010

Yeah, that was totally me today. Too bad I went to sleep AN HOUR late! Grrrrrrrrr. Ah well, live and learn right? I had just enough time this morning to have a nice piece of the cake I baked last night. The consensus: meh. I told Ev to eat a piece so I can throw it away already. Since the frozen fruit I put into it was already on it's last leg, I can bear to part with the wasted flour and sugar I also put into it.

Work went by surprisingly quickly, mostly due the the very long meeting that greeted me when I first walked in. Hours later, happy hours though I might add (I love the company I work for), and ducked out to head to Chipotle for lunch. What can I say? I woke up way too late to make my lunch this morning. But fear not, it shall not happen again, my salad and leftovers are already nestled in the fridge waiting for me.

So much for the bike ride tonight though, I was just too damn tired. That, and my shoulder being wrenched from Evan's practice judo take-downs in the pool didn't help a lot. I decided to cut my losses and research a few things online: blu electronic cigarettes (non-nicotine of course, I just think they look cool), catch up on my Google Reader, check out collapsible rear baskets for my new bike, and just general dicking around on the internet. Fun stuff I know.

I did make a few neighbors jealous this evening which stemmed from one of those "look in the fridge and see what you can throw together" moments. I happened upon this jar, and I knew everything was going to be Ok.

Starting with some shallots sweated in EB, I added A LOT of this curry paste (it's VEGAN!) along with some water, red lentils, and garbanzo beans. I was hoping the lentils would break apart and create a lovely gravy... which is exactly what happened!

Naturally I forgot to start my rice BEFORE my actual meal, so I threw some brown rice together with some "traditional" Indian spices.
Actually, I have no idea if those are traditional or not, I just did a quick google on 'indian rice' and nabbed a few ideas. I threw in some cumin and cinnamon as an afterthought. It all came together nicely right in the nick of time with just a little green veg, broccolini.

We raided a neighbor's tree after the karate potluck yesterday and nabbed a few (3) fresh figs. Hmm, guess it's not a true raid until you hit at least 5 stolen fruits though, at least... Evan caught me with a peeled and sliced fig in one hand, fixed lens Canon in the other, leaning under the hood light of the kitchen trying to push down the flash popup with my nose in order to get a picture. He immediately took over and snapped this lovely dessert shot:
Isn't it all moody and ponderous? On a side note: my nails were weak, brittle, and refused to grow when I was omnivorous. Now that I eat mostly vegan, they grow so fast and are super strong!

Figs, sigh, I really want to like you, I really do. The only thing that comes to mind are womanly nether-regions when you are near. I know, that's TOTALLY messed up, and probably the most offensive thing I could ever say to a fruit (but perhaps a BIG compliment to women everywhere!?!?!?) but it's the truth.

So instead of that taste, I'll leave you with another, perhaps even one more sweet... Evan and Digger bonding in Hawai'i:


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