Whedon: Veg head?

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I thought I’d combine this post with two of my favorite things: vegans and Joss Whedon.

I know, I know, how the hell am I going to connect those two things together coherently? Well, let me take a stab at it.

While noshing on some AMAZING buffalo tofu last night (sorry, no photo), Evan and I watched one of our old Whedon favs “Dollhouse”. Specifically we were watching S01E07 in which a touch-induced contagion spreads quickly through a local college campus causing people’s inhibitions to fall greatly out of whack. Funny enough, the epicenter of the outbreak happens to be in a building dedicated by Rossum.

Echo happens to see a news report about a death on the campus and feels an inexplicable need to go to the school. Later you find out that she is familiar with the location and you get some great flashbacks to Caroline. In her flashbacks, Caroline is a HUGE animal rights activist!

She discusses AR with friends over dinner, and though I can’t pinpoint what she’s eating, her remarks about animal rights caused me to stop eating, pause the show, and ask Ev “Hey! Think she’s a vegan!?” To which he replied, “Wait, what?” which led to an agreement with me that Caroline could definitely be a vegan based on her AR actions presented in this episode.

A quick Google search reveals that most people are just generally a little miffed with her silly plan to go sneak in, film the doggies and kitties in the animal experimentation lab, sneak out, and leak the info to the press… (Yeah, that’ll stop a multi-billion dollar company like Rossum… sure Caroline.)But, I didn’t really find a lot of people talking about her possible veganism. Makes me wish her food was in focus for the camera so we could see what it was, or that Joss had written in a scene of Caroline at a buffet so we could REALLY see what this girl eats. (Wouldn’t it make a great character trait, and might explain her rather… um… malnourished stature?)

Well, I’ll let you guys talk amongst yourselves on this one, I cannot make a concrete call either way on the eating habits of a completely fictional television character on a program that's already been cancelled. However, it would be cool if Joss wrote a vegan into the story, even if it’s not obvious. And even if she can’t remember it herself.


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