This was a failure

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm making a note here: THIS SUCKS ASS
It's hard to overstate my bad connection
Internet service
You made me your b*tch
Because you can
For the good of those who get
The net before they are dead

But there's no use crying over every new bill
You just keep on charging while i'm popping a pill
On the telephone line
I'm just wasting my time
Hoping that i will be still alive

I'm really just angry
I'm freaking out so bad right now
My credit score may not be great
So sue me
No wait, i was kidding
Just a quick joke to pass the time
Is the background check done yet
It's time to get into bed

Now just point out where i gotta sign on the line
And i'll get that drug test mailed right to you on time
Here's my debit card pin, i'll confess all my sins
I just hope i will be still alive

Go ahead and put me
On hold for your sup to come right on
Maybe you'll find someone else to help me
Cause i need my You Tube
My clan must all think that i have died
Anyway, this chat was great
Give me my router today

No i don't want someone to come straight to my house
I can hook it up, i promise, all by myself
Send the UPS man
Let me track it so i can
Sit at home and i'll be still alive

And when i get it i'll be still alive

When i'm online i'll be still alive

And when i'm pyro i'll be still alive

When i backstab you i'll be still alive

Still alive, still alive

In the mean time, check out my clanmate's sweet vg review site The Good, the Bad, and the Videogame by Gryphon Osiris . It is teh sex.


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